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Buyer agency

As a buyer's agent, my job is to represent and advocate for your interests. The "advocate" part is important. I am not acting in a neutral fashion. My job is to advance your interests. I am working for you. Not the seller. So what will this look like when we are searching for your home?

1) In looking for a home, I am going to stay within your home search criteria. That means coming up with a sensible price range based on your finances and comfort level, and staying within that range during the search. I won't send you listings that are out of your price range.

2) When we visit a home, my job is to look for trouble. Trouble generally means things that are going to cost you money, either now, or later should decide to resell. So, while I am not a home inspector or engineer, I have seen thousands of homes as an agent and a professional appraiser. As a result, I am able to look for trouble and point out things that you might not see during a casual visit. I am also looking for external problems, like proximity to objectionable things like power lines, commercial properties, landfills, vacant land that could be developed later, etc. If we decide to put an offer in on a property, we are going to factor in any negative findings encountered during the showings.

3) When we decide to make an offer, I will do a competitive market analysis on the home. We will review all the relevant comparable sales that could affect your decision. Since I advocating for your interests, the goal is simple: to pay the lowest possible price. I will also be looking for issues with the seller that might advance our cause. For example if there are financial issues, job issues, divorce issues, etc. in the picture, we might decide on a lower offer price than would otherwise be the case. How do I find this stuff out? Usually by simple conversation with the seller and/or the seller's agent. It is surprising how much people are willing to reveal. This won't always happen, but it happens often enough that it is worth it to have the conversation.

At this point some people have this question: If you as an agent make more money if I pay a higher price, then why is it in your interest to help me seek a lower price? The answer is simple. An agent's success is based on word-of-mouth recommendations. I am going to ask you to fill out a review of my performance on Google reviews, Angie's List, etc., when we are done. I expect and will work for a very positive review, and that means strong advocacy for your position. If you purchase a home for $420,000 instead of $400,000, my share of the commission is going to increase by maybe $300. Is it worth it to alienate you for this amount of money? No, it's not. But beside that there is the ethical issue. The job of a buyer's agent is buyer advocacy. That's the job. If I agree to do the job, then I accept whatever I get paid when the job is finished.

My job as a buyer's agent is to help you find your next home, and get it for the lowest possible price and at the best terms for you the buyer. If you hire me, that's how it is going to work.

Service area

My service area is Morris County and southeastern Sussex County. And I specialize in the following towns. If you are looking to buy a home in one of these towns, give me a call and we can discuss how I can you:




























Roxbury Twp

Randolph Twp

Rockaway Twp

Mount Olive Twp

Mount Arlington Borough

Jefferson Twp

Denville Twp

Dover Town

Mine Hill Twp

Wharton Borough

Chester Twp & Borough

Mendham Twp & Borough

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